L. Andrew White, LEP 

President/Chief Executive Officer

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Andy has over 30 years of experience in subsurface hydrogeological investigations, soil and ground water contamination; and remedial action. As CEO and President, Andy is responsible for leading the development and implementation of the corporation’s overall vision, mission and strategy. He ensures that the firm continuously adapts and improves in order to provide flexible and responsive service to the dynamically changing business, regulatory and transactional needs of our clients. Internally he leads the firm’s aggressive pursuit of expansion opportunities, and drives our employees’ dedication to the core values of a service firm, most importantly listening to our clients. Andy has advocated for a diversity of clients by overseeing the creation of regulatory and technical solutions that are environmentally responsible, appeal to multiple stakeholders, and maximize the client’s ability to move their business objectives forward.


Howard S. Hurd, CPG, LEP

Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

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Howard has over 27 years of experience in conducting environmental investigations and remediation at brownfield sites; superfund sites; military installations; industrial/manufacturing operations; and commercial, agricultural and residential properties. As Chief Operating Officer, he focuses on the operational aspects of all business activities. Howard’s technical role entails the supervision and execution of large scale environmental site assessments, hydrogeological investigations, remedial investigation/feasibility studies, and remedial actions using state-of-the-art techniques and innovative approaches to provide optimum value to our clients.


Richard D. McFee, PE

Chief Financial Officer/Secretary/Treasurer

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Rick has over 30 years of experience in environmental regulatory compliance. He has assisted private and public clients in achieving regulatory compliance under a wide range of environmental regulations. As Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for the financial and risk management operations of the company. Rick continues to be actively involved in environmental auditing, environmental management systems and regulatory compliance training projects.


Tad A. Goetcheus, PE

Executive Vice President

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Tad has over 27 years of experience as an environmental engineering and risk management consultant specializing in the areas of environmental health and safety compliance and environmental site contamination investigations. As a Vice President of our Southeastern and Midwestern operations, his responsibilities include the operational general management, financial performance, business development and technical support to a project and management staff of engineers, scientists and geologists. Throughout his career, Tad has developed a strong working knowledge of the principle Federal and State Environmental Laws and Regulations including RCRA, CAA, CWA, TSCA, EPCRA, FIFRA, CERCLA, and OSHA, in addition to ISO14001 standards. By understanding needs and goals, he has been a resourceful liaison and partner to a long list of clients in a variety of business sectors including Higher Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Chemical Manufacturing, Petroleum Marketing, Financial Institutions, and Attorneys.


Daniel D. Titus

Executive Vice President

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Dan has over 20 years of experience in environmental site investigation, project management and business development. As a Vice President of our New England operations, Dan is responsible for operational general management, financial performance, business development, and has completed, reviewed and/or supervised numerous site investigation and remediation projects. Dan has developed a rigorous working knowledge of the principle Federal Environmental Laws (e.g. CERCLA, RCRA, Clean Water Act) and the State Remediation Standard Regulations.


Thomas Seguljic, PE

Vice President

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Tom has over 30 years of experience in environmental engineering consulting. He specializes in understanding environmental issues and developing strategies to address compliance and due diligence concerns including air and environmental management issues. Tom has been a speaker at national meetings and has consulted with manufacturing, financial, and oil and gas clients throughout the United States and several countries.

Scot Kuhn, LEP

Vice President

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Scot has over 20 years of comprehensive experience designing and implementing creative solutions to site remediation. His background includes the design and implementation of remedial approaches tailored to meet client objectives, often at sites in diverse geological settings.  His team has demonstrated problem-solving skills combined with a strong technical background resulting in the effective and successful application of designed remedial approaches at various commercial and industrial properties.  He currently manages our Farmington, CT office.