HRP has over 30 years of compliance training experience from face-to-face sessions at industrial and field operations sites to regional seminars and conferences.  Our trainings have evolved over the years to include informational webinars and our well-acclaimed EHS Brown Bag Webinar Series for the higher education sector. It is well known that face-to-face training is the most effective part of a company’s learning strategy, but it is also the most complex and expensive part of training due to scheduling and logistics. Online training can offer efficiencies in time and resources but can also sometimes be watered down and too generic. With this in mind, our online course offerings each identify the goals and objectives of each course so the user can ensure they are getting the right course for them!

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  • COLLABORATIVE LEARNING: HRP’s online courses clearly identify when the course and content need to be augmented with employer specific information to ensure compliant training.
  • COMPETENCY AND COMPLIANCE: Most courses have competency quizzes built in to allow the user and the employer to ensure understanding of the content.  For successful quizzes, certificates of completion are awarded. For unsuccessful quizzes, the user will have access to an HRP professional to ensure understanding of the content.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: HRP’s Online Learning is accessible through any internet connection and can be accessed through computers, tablets or smartphones.


  • Global workforce is not a problem.  Our system adapts to language needs of your company.  In addition to in house resources, HRP maintains strategic partnerships with EHS safety trained professional who are translators and interpreters for several languages.  We can customize our programs to your needs.
  • HRP can create and manage client specific learning management by creating a private “page”, develop content and administer attendees; turning our Online Learning into your LMS.
  • Do you have an existing library of assets you want to use for training? Whether they are PDF’s, PowerPoint decks, or video links, there is a place for your materials in our training module system.
  • Already have an LMS that you like?  HRP can help you build content to load on our system or your system!


  • Billing can be tailored to your needs.  Access to courses can be on an individual course by course basis or through specific arrangements such as bulk purchase and upload of your employee list, or coupons for specific use and access.