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HRP Excellence in Due Diligence

August 6th, 2018 by Richard Chandler

Are you purchasing, leasing, or selling a commercial property and need to identify potential environmental liabilities in order make practical business decisions? If so, then HRP is here to help! With over 35 years of service in the environmental and engineering consulting field, HRP has a vast array of experience evaluating commercial properties that meet our clients’ needs.

One recent case involved a multinational chemical manufacturing firm that was planning to occupy two separate commercial facilities in Connecticut in anticipation of relocating its North American headquarters and establishing a research and development division. HRP conducted expedited due diligence services at the two commercial facilities in Connecticut prior to the relocation, which involved evaluating over 175,000 square feet of total space for potential environmental liabilities.

HRP’s work provided the client with the confidence that their business investment was protected and, as a result, the relocation was successfully completed during 2017.    

HRP has assisted numerous clients with varying backgrounds (i.e., financial, real estate, legal, etc.) with their due diligence needs over a wide range of commercial properties. HRP has completed these services in both urban and rural settings and on properties ranging in size from small “Mom-and-Pop” facilities to large buildings and vacant, undeveloped parcels. We do this by creating a supportive business relationship that includes full discussion of the costs, advantages, and disadvantages of the many options available for addressing environmental issues. We can do the same for you. At HRP, we understand the sensitivity of environmental information. We conduct our assessments and remediation work discretely, always maintaining the confidentiality of the data and our communications with you.    

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Richard R. Chandler, LEP, CPG Senior Project Manager

Brian P. Lowry Senior Project Scientist

At HRP Associates, Inc.

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