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Site Spotlight: A New Beginning on Love Lane: Redevelopment in Hartford's North End

September 10th, 2018 by Tom Simmons

Recently, a Hartford Courant article by Kenneth R. Gosselin highlighted the incredible $34 million dollar renovation and redevelopment at the former M. Swift & Sons factory in Hartford. HRP’s consulting services are one component of this ambitious renovation. At the head of the project is Community Solutions, and their commitment to ending homelessness through various and thoughtful development projects. An essential component of this approach was building the best and most productive relationships in the North Hartford Area, with stakeholders such as Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue and Crop One Holdings who will each take part in the sites business incubator projects, creating a combined 150 permanent jobs. The success of the project also meant inclusion of lifelong residents and advocates for the neighborhood, such as John J. Thomas, who worked to address and allay the fears and potentialities of gentrification.

HRP is proud to be a part of the team helping to realize this project. You can read the Hartford current’s full article here.

Click here to watch the Courant’s video on the project.

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