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The Year Behind and The Year to Come: A Brief Interview With HRP’s Senior Leadership

December 3rd, 2018 by Tom Simmons

The Consult
recently sat down for an interview with Tad Goetcheus and Dan Titus. With Dan and Tad taking over the roles of COO/President and CEO, we were curious to know what accomplishments they were most proud of in their time as senior leadership in 2018 and what they were most optimistic about for 2019.


One of HRP’s proudest accomplishments in 2018 is our advancement in technology. We’ve upgraded our phone system, we’ve upgraded our email server, we’ve really gone to a new level thanks to the folks in IT.

We’re also proud of the turnaround we’ve had in the second half of the year. We’ve really pushed hard for accounts receivable and that’s allowed us to grow and to take some chances and risks in certain areas.

I’m also proud of our level of communication. We seem to be knocking down some walls, becoming more open.

For 2019, we’re really focused on a plan for growth and what’s going to happen when we put that plan for growing the company into action. We’re heading into the year with a focus on what we do well and how to play to our strengths.


I’m most proud that the company has taken the transition, such as it is, in stride. No one has let the change in leadership be disruptive to the things that we do well.

What I’m optimistic about is the tremendous amount of underutilized energy and opportunity that lives within the corners of this business. I’m very excited about being able to make some adjustments to the way that we approach the work that that we do and the way we think about the work that we do. Those adjustments can really enhance what I think is our very unique space, our very unique culture, and really blow some new life into this organization in a way that it hasn’t had in a long time.

Tom Simmons, Corporate Marketing Administrative Assistant at HRP Associates, Inc.

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