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Learning Management System Testimonials

March 4th, 2019 by Richard Chandler

Tom Simmons:
I recently completed the last components of OSHA’s Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training on HRP’s Learning Management System (LMS). Online learning is nothing new for me. I’ve taken courses on a variety of subjects from multiple higher learning centers. However, none has a system as impressive as HRP’s. The first thing I was taken with was how sleek the interface was. Design is such an important feature of navigating and engaging online. Even the biggest companies struggle to make their interface appealing. HRP’s LMS looks great and works even better.

The second thing I noticed was the structure of the learning modules. As a former teacher, I know how important it is to properly structure your lesson. Some are tempted to present a lecture as a single, solid block of video. This is a guaranteed way to lose your audience’s attention. HRP’s LMS breaks up each course into easily digestible content. Longer courses move at an easy pace without sacrificing their content.

Richard Chandler, LEP, CPG:
Are you interested in the world of environmental remediation and compliance? HRP is here to help! With HRP’s online LMS, it becomes as easy as turning on your computer. With over 30 years of training, HRP has developed more than a dozen courses to inform you on how to stay in compliance.

With courses ranging from 35 minutes to three hours, a plethora of knowledge is readily available at your fingertips. Each course is structured differently, with the number of video lectures and checkpoints varying in each one, with the checkpoints providing excellent feedback on the user’s comprehension of the material. At the end of each course, there is a longer graded evaluation designed to test the user’s knowledge on the entire course, rather than each individual video. The system requires a passing score of 70% (or higher!) on this evaluation for the user to receive a certificate of completion, so be sure to take notes!

There are even trainings that are offered in both Spanish and English! HRP works with EHS safety trained professionals who are also translators, allowing our trainings to be more adaptable to your needs!

Our online training courses cover every nook and cranny of the environmental compliance world, from Bloodborne Pathogens to Universal Waste Management.

As the traditional winter slow-down for field-based activities continues in the northern states, there is no better time to get yourself or your people up-to-date on training in Asbestos Awareness, Hazcom, Hazardous Waste Determinations and any other number of LMS courses that will come in handy once field-based field work gets zooming again. And the best part – you can be complete these courses from the warmth and comfort of your couch (we don’t judge bunny slippers either)…

You can explore the latest training courses on the LMS by clicking here.

Join our online training, and let us help you “move your training forward!”

Richard R. Chandler, LEP, CPG, Senior Project Manager at HRP Associates, Inc.

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