Construction site safety is so important and during these critical times, the ability to keep construction projects moving forward is imperative.  As COVID-19 continues to circulate the country, state officials will begin to put executive orders in place.  HRP offers construction site safety services relative to COVID-19 including, but not limited to:

  • Develop standard operating procedures and protocols
  • Document use of disinfectants, dilutions and quantities 
  • Document use of hand sanitizer and quantities used
  • Develop schedule of general cleaning and portable bathroom maintenance
  • Provide certified environmental health and safety professional as onsite health supervisor
  • Develop health and safety signage relative to social distancing, hand washing and other procedures in multiple languages
  • Monitoring social distancing of site workers and enforcing the “No Congregation” policies
  • Daily audits and walking site inspections
  • Spot checking of temperatures of construction workers
  • Temperature screening of workers within confined spaces or inside a closed building envelope
  • Worker monitoring and collection and completion of health self-certification assessments on a daily basis
  • Policing the worker pool, and directing employees to leave work sites who exhibit symptoms, in conjunction with site foreman communication
  • Verification of site specific cleaning and decontamination procedures
  • Participation in daily safety training for health updates
  • PPE enforcement for workers

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