HRP has reached out to our extensive network of vendors to support our clients, prospects, subcontractors, A/E partners and communities. HRP has requested that our network directly support the safety and wellbeing of individuals, employees, and the economic viability of the business community. In this endeavor, it is paramount to provide (1) affordable pricing, (2) demonstrated bulk % discounts, (3) protection from price gouging, and (4) delivery in a timely, professional and logistically proficient manner. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it challenging, and at times impossible, to purchase effective solutions for safe and healthy work environments. As voiced to HRP, the following items are in immediate need to prepare and combat the 2nd wave of the virus, as well as for the stockpiling of supplies for future planning:

  • Rapid COVID test kits,
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),
  • Disinfectant products (short term and long term),
  • Thermal camera and thermographic screening, and
  • Ambient air cleaning systems
  • UV sanitation
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Social distance awareness graphics and signage

While HRP has taken steps to assess the nature and quality of products and services offered by the vendors listed below, HRP cannot, of course, bear any responsibility or liability for the quality, effectiveness or sufficiency of any of the products or services offered by our network of vendors. The below information and links are provided as a convenience to our clients.

Technological Solutions

Elysian Medical Distribution, Inc. - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA  Contact

The responsibility of providing a healthy environment to employees, students, and communities falls on the desk of employers and community leaders in the absence of a national/state-wide testing strategy. Elysian Medical Distribution, Inc. is offering FDA and EUA approved rapid response antibody tests and viral (PCR) tests. Rapid diagnostic antibody tests enable an organization to screen a large population quickly (<10 minutes), routinely, and economically. Perhaps more importantly, the unexpected presence of antibodies may identify asymptomatic persons who are present among your workforce. Viral (PCR) tests detect a current COVID-19 infection, and Elysian is offering tests that require sample collection from the back of the throat as opposed to the nasal cavity. Elysian’s preferred, private laboratory is currently offering 1 to 3 day turn-around on results with a triage-based que. Employing a testing strategy that comprises 1) a fast and economical option to screen large volumes of people (antibodies) and potentially identify asymptomatic persons, followed by 2) a targeted number of confirmation tests (viral) of those persons who exhibit antibodies, provides a solution for operating safely during the pandemic prior to the arrival of an effective vaccine.

Goldshield Anti-Microbial Technology - Long Island, NY  Contact

Goldshield is a Patented Anti-Microbial Protectant that continues to protect for a significantly longer time than others in the market. One application of Goldshield Hand Sanitizer has been tested and proven to protect up to 24hrs after application. The surface protectants will remain active for 90 days, meaning applications are less but far more effective compared to alcohol based solutions.

BCI Integrated Solutions - Tampa, FL  

Offering discounts on the BCI-T1 Body Temperature Kiosk & Thermal Temperature Station Floor Stand.  The BCI Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution offers the latest hybrid thermal network camera that combines a Vanadium Oxide (VOx) sensor with a 2 MP visible-light sensor.

PURO UV Disinfection Lighting - Lakewood, CO  Contact

UV Light is an effective alternative or  addition to disinfecting a space. Ultraviolet light kills up to 99.9% of the pathogens in a space, depending on run time and distance to the UV light source, by destroying their ability to be viable or reproduce. The powerful, groundbreaking design of Puro products also enabled miniaturization of the UV disinfecting units, which allows design of smaller, lightweight units that can be positioned in a ceiling, mounted on a wall,  or making it more maneuverable on the mobile units.

Ohio Blow Pipe - Cleveland, OH  Contact

Offering discounts on the product line AIRSCREEN Micro and associated filters:

  • Portable and permanent fixture ductless ambient air cleaner that filters contaminants such as micro particulates (corona virus, COVID19 and others), vapors and oil mists
  • MERV13-16 & HEPA filters


Personal Protective Equipment

The Galway Company - Mooresville, NC

  • BULK OPTION (Cases of 2,000): 25% disount

  • INDIVIDUAL OPTION (Boxes of 50): 10% discount
  • 50% price break with pre order, 60 day lead time, and 70% down at time of order (minimum order 600,000 masks); 
  • Price discounts for scheduled monthly orders.

The high quality, disposable 3 ply medical grade masks are soft, breathable, comfortable quilted materials with flexible elastic bands  making it easy for you to add mask wearing to your daily life. Designed for one-time use


Lorrie Glosson

Bulk Mask Website

Individual Mask Website

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Kamo Manufacturing Company, Inc. - Augusta, GA

  • Anti-bacterial and hand sanitizing wipes;
  • Commercial grade sanitizing wipes;
  • Hand sanitizer (various sizes);
  • Wall and stand sanitizer dispensers;
  • Lysol Disinfectant spray;
  • Disinfectant cleaners (various sizes) 
  • 3 ply surgical masks;
  • KN 95 masks;
  • Face shields;
  • Touchless thermometers;
  • Nitrile gloves;
  • Fogging Machines (with 10 L tank);

Availability upon ordering 10-14 day


Allie Bentley 
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Social Distancing Awareness and Control Graphics and Displays

Image360 - Wallingford, CT

Effective visible communication is a verified way to provide guidance and direction in the social distancing world we reside in.  Having this visible communication be available as portable and stationary provides flexibility.

Not one size fits all, nor is effective, as such a combination of the following can be beneficial:

  • Cleanable PVC table markers;
  • Retractable banner stands;
  • Seat markers;
  • Floor graphics;
  • Poster stands; and 
  • Mirror graphics

Check out Image360's flyer as well as their video on their Reopening Checklist for Colleges & Universities - Ready, Get set, Go


Tim Keogh

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