HRP lead the development of a completely customized company-wide compliance program for the safe handling and transportation of DOT Hazardous Materials. The program was tailored to facility operations with the intention of minimal disruption. HRP utilized information gathered from a previous assessment to outline product flow through the operation and identify key locations to implement appropriate measures to ensure compliance.

Over 6,000 product codes in distribution by the client were identified as meeting the definition of a DOT Hazardous Material. HRP assisted the client in reviewing product information and determining the correct Proper Shipping Name, Hazard Class, Packing Group, required packaging, marking, and labeling, Reportable Quantities, and applicability of any exemptions or exclusions. This information was organized for the purposes of developing Standard Operating Procedures for a minimal quantity of material categories for ease of application in a fast-paced distribution center.

Standard Operating Procedures were also developed to provide instruction for the following additional DOT HazMat requirements:

  • Preparation of shipping papers
  • Placarding
  • Loading & unloading of hazardous materials
  • Driver compliance
  • Export of hazardous materials

The program was developed and implemented over a time period of approximately three (3) months for implementation in approximately 250 locations (including stores and distribution centers). Inspection checklists and training sessions were also developed and delivered. In addition to items subject to DOT regulations, HRP also provided review and guidance pertaining to environmental regulatory programs including Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures (Oil Pollution Prevention), Industrial Storm Water, and Hazardous/Regulated Waste.