Various U.S. Locations


HRP provided a company-wide assessment of compliance with Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials Regulations (DOT HazMat) to aid in business acquisition negotiations involving an automotive products distributor. The assessment was developed through on-site review of operations and physical inspections, personnel interviews, review of company and site-specific standard operating procedures, and review of required recordkeeping. The on-site assessments were performed at six (6) individual locations to include three (3) distribution centers and three (3) retail stores that were considered representative of the company. Documentation and overall operational reviews were performed both on site as well as through the provision of documents and phone interviews.

HRP developed a comprehensive site survey for the purpose of collecting facility data relevant to DOT HazMat requirements. The survey addressed the following operational elements:

  • General site information
  • Transportation: Drivers and Vehicles
  • Hazardous Materials: Designation, Handling, Packing, Shipping
  • Waste Handling and Product Returns

In coordination with company-wide document review and relevant phone interviews, regulatory program deficiencies and areas for improvement were noted. The deliverable consisted of a tabulated list of compliance and logistical issues. Each item was provided a risk ranking, description of current processes, proposed solutions, and estimated timeline to complete corrective actions. A brief summary of observed OSHA Health & Safety issues was also provided.