Various Locations, United States


HRP was contracted to provide Toxic Release Inventory (Form R) reporting services for a national client with seven facilities located throughout the US, specializing in metal fabrication and finishing. HRP completed data collection, tabulation, interpretation, consolidation and reporting over the course of a one-month period.

The Client manufactured and processed over 100 products in 2012. As part of the Toxic Release Inventory (Form R) Reporting services, HRP gathered manufacture and use data from the Client and calculated toxic release data using product formulations and process information. The release calculations were completed and compared to the EPCRA TRI List. It was determined that, based on the individual chemical component totals, five of the Client’s seven sites were required to file a Toxic Release (Form R) Report with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

HRP completed all data fields and reporting requirements associated with EPA’s electronic reporting data base, Central Data Exchange (eCDX), for the client’s review. Additionally, HRP assisted the client in establishing electronic accounts and signatures with EPA’s eCDX. The client reviewed the electronic Toxic Release Inventory (Form R) Report, provided their authorized electronic signature and submitted the final report to the EPA electronically.