West Hartford, Connecticut


HRP is on-site at a private manufacturer for a minimum of one (1) day per week to complete or assist with the completion of the environmental/EMS items listed below. This list of environmental/EMS items was determined from HRP’s extensive experience working with the client on numerous environmental projects and assisting with the development of the ISO 14001 EMS Program.

  1. Monthly Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) Inspections;
  2. Monthly Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP) Inspections;
  3. Semi-annually SPPP inspections;
  4. Annual Tier II Report (March 1st) deadlines;
  5. Annual Form R report (July 1st);
  6. Annual SPCC & SPPP training;
  7. Annual hazardous waste determinations;
  8. Monthly discharge monitoring reports review for Abbott Ball’s signature;
  9. Semi-annual stormwater sampling (laboratory costs not included);
  10. Submission of semi-annual stormwater monitoring reports;
  11. Quarterly stormwater monitoring and preparation of monitoring logs;
  12. Manchester annual landfill permit application;
  13. Documentation maintenance control; and
  14. ISO 14001 EMS: 
    • Maintain and update EMS Aspects & Impacts Worksheets (EMS Forms 4.1-1) and Environmental Aspects Matrix Forms (EMS Forms 4.1-2);
    • Maintain and update Legal and Other Requirements Matrix (EMS Form 4.2);
    • Assist EMS team members with determining if Environmental Management Programs (EMS Forms 4.3) deadlines are being met and document results;
    • Assist EMS team members with determining if operational controls listed in EMS Form 4.11-1 are being followed and document results in EMS 4.11-2;
    • Complete EMS Evaluation of Compliance and document results in EMS Form 4.12;
    • Review and verify that EMS Records are being stored in the locations defined in EMS Form 4.14; and
    • Attend at least one (1) Top Management Review and report on the status of the items above under 14(a) through 14(f).