Spartanburg, South Carolina


To encompass a company-wide policy on Health and Safety issues, HRP was retained to prepare and complete a Corporate Health & Safety Program Manual which documented applicable OSHA and Work-Place Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to be conducted at a large manufacturing facility located in Spartanburg, SC. These SOP’s were completed in conjunction with existing compliance documents located on-site, as well as with recently implemented programs.

SOP’s prepared and implemented on-site included: Portable Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Eyewash and Shower, Emergency Exits and Lighting Inspection, Portable Ladders, Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control, Hearing Conservation, Sling Inspection, Crane and Hoist Inspection, Safety of Tool Rests, Machine Guarding, Powered Industrialized Trucks, Contractor Safety, Air Receiver Inspection, Lockout/Tagout, Hazard Communication, Respiratory Protection, confined Space, Personal Protective Equipment, and Lifting Weight Inspection and Safety.

The SOP’s were provided in a three-ring binder for easy reference and use by engineering, safety, and environmental staff.