Granite Quarry and Albemarle, NC


HRP was retained by a sports products manufacturer to review the environmental compliance and employee health and safety considerations associated with the use of a new blended chemical to be implemented at the two manufacturing plants located in Granite Quarry and Albemarle North Carolina. The first task completed by HRP entailed the preparation of air permit applications to allow the construction of equipment and process operations where the use of cyclopentane blended with polyol could be used to replace the use of Freon 141 B (ozone depleting substance and global warming chemical) at each facility. As a manufacturer of taxidermy and sporting targets, the client was at a critical point in the industry to conduct this conversion as soon as possible. Air Permit applications were strategically prepared to allow the use of the materials in both the machine pour and hand pour operations at each facility.

The second task completed by HRP was to prepare a Process Safety Management Plan that satisfied the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.119 (OSHA’s Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals). HRP also compiled written chemical and process safety information including blended chemical mixtures, and revised an existing facility Emergency Action Plan to prepare and prevent potential accidents from occurring. Equipment detailed within the plan included bulk storage tanks, pumps and piping, heat exchangers, pressurized foam equipment, day tanks, hydrocarbon detection systems, and NFPA/NEC Class I Division 1/2 electrically XP rated controls and equipment.

HRP provided the project management and leadership of 6 employees for the Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) using a What-If? Methodology via a software program.

To date, the client has retained HRP to complete a 3-year PSM audit and 5-year PHA review.