Gray Court, SC


HRP was retained by a confidential auto-parts supplier to provide professional services related to development of a site specific RMP/PSM plan, conduct a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), complete the RMP Submit process to EPA, and also provide 18 months of on call PSM engineering onsite support to the 1,500,000 sq. ft plant. The client owns a high volume manufacturing facility and has a large Anyhydrous Ammonia tank for use with the Heat Treat process within the facility.Tasks completed included:

  • Documentation for Safe Handling Practices for Ammonia. 
  • Documentation to address parameters and consequences for Ammonia Tank, Transfer Lines and Furnaces. 
  • Documentation for Tank pressure relief system and piping. 
  • Complete documentation for Tanker Unloading Procedures and Checklists. 
  • Documentation for Furnace Work Instructions. 
  • Work Instructions for Emergency Shutdown Procedures for Furnace. 
  • LOTO and line breaking procedures for Furnaces and Ammonia systems. 
  • Conduct Process Hazard Analysis for Tanker Unloading, Storage Tank and Furnace Operations and prepare a PHA recommendation table. 
  • Operator Training process for furnace operators and maintenance personnel and conduct general awareness training for plant personnel (~ 3,000 employees);
  • Develop and document Preventative Maintenance schedule and documentation for Furnace, transfer lines and Tank systems. 
  • Develop and document schedule for 3rd party integrity inspections for Tank, Transfer lines and Furnace systems. 
  • Develop and document Pre-Start-up Safety Actions. 
  • Determine RMP Program Level based on process determination. 
  • Prepare and document Worst case release scenarios and review. 
  • Complete and submit RMP to CDX website.