We provide a full array of environmental engineering services to both private industry and public institutions. Our experienced engineering consulting staff will identify your permitting needs, develop multiple compliance options, and help you implement the most cost-effective and sensible plan to bring your water discharges into immediate and long-term compliance. We can further ensure compliance through on-call services, inspections, and monitoring.  We use our extensive permitting experience across a wide spectrum of wastewater discharge situations to help you obtain your individual NPDES/SPDES and general permits. We deal with state and federal permitting requirements on a daily basis, and will advocate on your behalf with regulatory agencies to negotiate the best possible permit terms.  We are experienced in designing municipal and industrial wastewater systems and supporting your ongoing operations with system improvements and O&M plans. We help you achieve a realistic balance between what is technically possible, practically feasible, and in compliance with applicable regulations.  Our treatment system design experience includes floatable/solids separation devices, biological treatment, chemical precipitation, chromium reduction, and VOC removal. We consider your needs, resources and future growth plans and respond to your priorities. Our goal is to reduce the burden on you, the permittee. 

Services we provide include:

  • Air Emission Permitting
  • Engineering Controls
  • Evaluation of Air Pollution and Water Pollution Technologies
  • Solid Waste Design and Permitting
  • Stormwater Permitting, Management, and Pollution Prevention Plans
  • UST/AST Removal and Replacement
  • Wastewater Permitting (NPDES and SPDES Permits)
  • Wastewater Treatment System Design