Norfolk, Massachusetts

HRP provided detailed construction plans and specifications for the removal and the installation of a 12,000-gallon heating oil tank. The Plans and Specifications were consistent with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (Mass DEP) 310 CMR 80.00 regulations on installation, operation, maintenance, inspection and assessment of USTs. The plans were also consistent with both the American Petroleum Institute (API) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 30 and 31 Standards, as supplemented by the State of Massachusetts. All plans were prepared at a suitable scale to clearly show the work required in plan and profile view, and included the details required by the contractor to accurately prepare a detailed cost estimate.

In addition to the construction plans, HRP advised a Massachusetts municipality during bidding and evaluation of subcontractor’s proposals, by providing technical analysis of bids for both the UST and ASDT. HRP’s review of bids and technical specifications included:
  • Review for conformance to design intent,
  • Review technical performance provisions and other performance issues,
  • Review to ensure that the subcontractor is meeting all the required standards and regulatory criteria pertaining to the design and manufacture of the UST and the ASDT,
  • Review submittal package and evaluate the references, and
  • Recommend contract award
An experienced HRP geologist monitored UST removal activities to verify compliance with the contract documents and to perform the closure sampling on an as-needed basis. The closure sampling was performed in accordance with Mass DEP guidelines. HRP also provided an experienced engineer to monitor the construction activities to verify compliance with the contract documents. HRP scope under this included to verify the major milestones of the project including project kick-off, tank and line removal, as well as punch-list inspections.