HRP Associates, Inc. was founded on May 1, 1982 by John J. Housman, Jr., Joseph M. Rinaldi, and Mark C. Possidento. Their goal was to create a company that could chart a course for clients through the newly enacted RCRA rules and regulations while also embodying their personal and professional values. From these ambitions HRP was created.

The humble commencement of this effort began above a law office in New Britain, Connecticut. The stairs were so rickety that the Post Office would not deliver the mail. After another go of it above a different law office, HRP relocated to a three story Victorian manor house on Lexington Street in New Britain, an office known for its “cozy” charm and impossible parking. From here, HRP took on the project that would become Burndy/FCI. This project became HRP’s first huge project and one of our signature successes, confirming HRP’s reputation for attention to detail and client focused results.

These early successes quickly facilitated HRPs growth beyond the limitations of the address. Thus, the company relocated to the former Plainville Savings Bank in Plainville, Connecticut. New years brought new challenges, new demands from our markets, and from our clients, but HRP evolved to meet those needs. By the early 1990’s, HRP had opened two of our most successful regional offices, our New York office on March 20, 1991 and our South Carolina office on June 28, 1993. These two locations dramatically increased HRP’s ability to provide compliance services for clients and to take on projects such as our On Call New York DEC contract.

The 2000’s saw many changes and additions. HRP internally transitioned ownership of the company from our founders to the second generation of leadership under Walter Gancarz and Robert Leach. Walt and Bob continued to expand HRP’s portfolio of private and government sector clients and diversify our environmental and engineering services. Moreover, this successful transition became a continuing legacy for HRP, one that has preserved the character and spirit of our company.

In 2005, after many years as home, HRP headquarters relocated from Plainville to our current office in Farmington, Connecticut. The 2000’s also saw regional office expansion of HRP’s services and geographic reach, taking on projects such as the College Peer Audit Program, the Carter Carburetor Superfund Project, and the CTDOT On Call Environmental Compliance contract.

Now managed by third generation Principals L. Andrew White (CEO), Howard Hurd (COO) , and Richard McFee (CFO) , HRP is a greater than $20 Million enterprise with a westward expanding network of regional and project offices serving a well-balanced portfolio of both new and long standing clients.

Over the past three decades, HRP has witnessed and contributed to a significant evolution of the environmental industry. HRP has grown steadily to address the evolving needs of private sector clients. In nearly every US state, HRP has successfully taken on and completed projects and extended our world class consulting services across the globe, with major projects in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

As HRP looks to the future, we recognize that it is the dedication and character of our employee’s that has made our company a success for 35 years.