HRP offers a wide spectrum of process and wastewater engineering services to assist in technology evaluation, process optimization, feasibility studies, field testing, system design, and the permitting process.  HRP offers responsive and innovative support services during all stages of the development and operations cycles pertaining to industrial and municipal wastewater projects: front-end engineering and detailed design; capital project construction and project management; environmental, health and safety management; and design of water reuse and recycle systems.  We currently serve clients in the dairy, metal finishing and polishing, oil refineries, electroplating and coating, and other manufacturing industries. 

Services we provide include:

  • Water Balance Studies
  • Preliminary Engineering and Feasibility Studies
  • Front End Engineering Design
  • Closed Loop-Zero Liquid Discharge Systems
  • Treatment Technologies
  • Preliminary PFD and P&ID’s
  • Conduct HAZOP Reviews and Studies
  • Detailed Engineering Cost Estimates