Meriden, Connecticut

HRP was retained to scope, design, spec, bid, and permit a wastewater treatment system for the wastewater streams associated with the plating operations for one of the major wire manufacturing facilities in CT.  The key metal finishing operations at the facility are: 
  • Tin Plating 
  • Nickel Plating 
  • Silver Plating
HRP’s reviewed the process chemistry and recommended various water conservation measures such as follows to reduce the overall wastewater flow: 
  • Drag-out rinses incorporated for each plating tank 
  • Double or triple counter flow rinses for each solution
  • Installation of flow restrictors and minimized water usage
HRP further worked with a multi-disciplinary team of facility members, sub-consultants, and contractors to:
  • Conceptualize and scope several treatment methods for client’s consideration and approval
  • Conducted a bench scale pilot study to confirm the recommended option
  • Design and developed bid specification for the recommended option
  • Developed detailed engineering specifications for the project:
    • Design Basis 
    • Process Flow Diagrams
    • Process & Instrumentation Diagram
    • Mass Balance
    • Equipment Spec Sheets
    • Construction Drawings
    • Construction Management
    • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Obtain required permits and revised facility environmental program to include the system
With HRP’s assistance the project was on budget, on schedule, and completed without any regulatory delays or compliance issues.