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COVID-19 Services: Are you prepared? To get back to work…

April 14th, 2020 by Dan Titus


In this unprecedented moment everyone is scrambling to contain the contagion and minimize its impact. As the virus progresses, the need to restart the world will crisscross with folks who are infected and moving around in community spaces.

It’s an unavoidable reality.

You have to ask yourself, “How do we manage that?” The answer is it’s complicated. You have to balance thorough preparedness planning with the latest guidance updates from CDC, EPA, and OSHA. This is especially complicated as you are also balancing business disruption and employee concerns. Are you prepared to properly handle those issues? Are the service providers that you may have contracted qualified? Do they have the correct licenses and training, and can they develop and implement a plan that protects you and your stakeholders while containing costs?

We are already seeing significant price gouging in this market space, as well as companies “overselling” their competency and experience.  Let’s be frank, no one is experienced – this is new for everyone!

Don’t Get Scammed!

This is a serious matter that requires serious professionals. HRP’s Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Hazardous Material Managers, Asbestos Managers, Mold Remediation Specialist and Professional Engineers are blending their expertise to meet this unique moment.

We develop customized plans for anything from a local service station to a million square foot manufacturing facility and everything in between. By developing a plan now you can ensure that you are in a positive position to manage an incident and get back to work.  HRP has already provided our preparedness planning and response services for major manufacturers and distribution centers across the country. Our plans address proper procedures and protocols, specify methods and contractor requirements, and address appropriate scoping to ensure cost containment. 

Further, we can supply you with a custom plan that you can implement on your own, or provide you with oversight and management and access to our massive network of real, licensed and certified contractors whom we have vetted and approved to provide decontamination services.

State by state we’re seeing more local governments key in on the need for just these services, identifying construction site safety as an essential area while balancing employee health. State mandated guidelines are already appearing for construction sites and will only increase as the virus spreads. HRP is positioned to help, with everything from developing standard operating procedures to worker temperature screening to proper PPE enforcement to documenting hand sanitizer use.

For over 38 years HRP has been moving your environment forward. The times are unique but the quality outcomes of our innovative strategies and client centered focus remain the best in our industry. The links below detail exactly how we can achieve that for you and your business.

Call us. This is what we do.

Dan Titus, Chief Executive Officer at HRP Associates, Inc.