Florence, South Carolina


HRP reviewed and updated the existing version of the Respiratory Protection Plan for the client's plant such that the plan conformed to the recently revised requirements of 29 CFR 1910.134 (OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard). Major changes to the facility’s existing plan included the addition of a medical clearances section which outlined requirements for the client to provide any employee required or electing to wear a respirator with an initial (and potentially follow-up) medical evaluation conforming to the requirements of the regulation.

Also revised were the types of respirators approved for use at the facility, the fit testing protocol to be used, and the respirator cleaning, inspection, maintenance, and repair procedures to be used at the site. Following completion of the revised Respiratory Protection Plan, HRP prepared a summary of the revisions that were made to the plan and developed guidelines to be used by the client to ensure that the changes to the program could be easily and effectively implemented by all affected departments at the facility.