Bethlehem, Connecticut


The dam overtopped in a severe storm event in 2011.  Subsequently, the DEEP had required that the Town to perform an inspection of the 465 foot long earthen dam and hydraulic analysis to determine if any immediate issues needed to be addressed as well as any long turn concerns.  HRP was hired by the Town to perform these services.  As part of our due diligence, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) files are searched for available documentation related to the dam’s construction, recent inspections, reported deficiencies and any previous repairs.  With this information, HRP proceeded to perform the dam inspection as well as performed a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the Long Meadow Pond watershed and evaluate the dam’s capacity to handle the 100-yr, 500-yr and ½ PMF (probable maximum flood).  Our analysis revealed that the dam could not convey the ½ PMF storm event without overtopping.  HRP’s recommendations were to increase the dam’s spillway to accomplish this.