Waterbury, Connecticut

Since 2014, HRP has provided a wide range of engineering and environmental consulting services to a Connecticut municipality to help the City maintain compliance with state environmental regulations at the North End Disposal Area (NEDA). Our work has included long-term monitoring of environmental conditions at the landfill (closed) along with inspection of the active transfer station.

More specifically, the HRP team has performed semi-annual audits of the transfer station facility and landfill that included on-site inspections, review of administrative requirements, and reporting writing. During this process, HRP summarized relevant findings and provided recommendations to the City on a timely basis.

Monitoring activities at NEDA have also included monthly sampling and analysis of leachate discharge, quarterly and semi-annual surfacewater and groundwater monitoring, and annual landfill gas monitoring. Summary reports are compiled and submitted to the City and CT DEEP, as required by the regulatory agencies.

These services have been provided to ensure that the City complies with applicable solid waste regulations and CT DEEP General Permit requirements.

Our breadth of engineering and environmental consulting services has helped the City continue to monitor environmental conditions at NEDA in accordance with applicable regulations and industry standards. The HRP team has maintained an open line of communication with City personnel to identify potential compliance issues and recommend solutions.