Greer, South Carolina


HRP assists an international airport in providing storm water sampling so that the facility may maintain environmental compliance with regards to its NPDES permit for stormwater discharges associated with industrial activity.

HRP performs quarterly storm water visual assessments in accordance with the state’s Industrial General Permit (IGP) for storm water discharges and in accordance with the site’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).  HRP field personnel travel to the Site once per quarter to collect storm water samples during qualifying rain events.  HRP closely monitors weather conditions starting each quarter to identify potential sampling opportunities.  Upon the first viable sample date, HRP mobilizes its field personnel to the site to collect up to 8 samples from representative outfalls.  HRP ensures each sampling event is preceded by at least 72-hours (three days) from the previous discharge and within 30 minutes of an actual discharge from a storm event or as soon thereafter as practical.

HRP adheres to the best management practices of sample collection.  The samples are returned to HRP upon collection and visually assessed for: color, odor, clarity, floating solids, settled solids, suspended solids, foam, oil sheen, and any other obvious indicators of potential storm water pollution.

HRP logs the results of these visual assessments and provides documentation to the client each quarter. Upon identification of any potential evidence of contamination, HRP immediately present this information to GSP and provides advice for potential corrective actions.

In addition to the visual assessment, Fecal Coliform sampling is also conducted.  HRP collects up to three (3) fecal coliform samples per quarter and submits the samples to a laboratory certified in the state to analyze fecal coliform.  Due to the brief hold times authorized for Fecal Coliform, immediately upon collecting the samples, HRP delivers the preserved samples to its certified lab partner.  HRP presents the laboratory results to the client using all appropriate SWPPP forms and provides advice in necessary corrective actions as appropriate.