We provide a full range of environmental and civil engineering consulting services to private and public sector clients. HRP’s consulting engineers are highly qualified to help you assess, manage and reduce EH&S risks, to operate more efficiently and profitably, and to improve the design and function of your current and future facilities.

Many of our engineering consulting services feature the investigation and remediation of environmental impacts from the past; for example, the design and construction of a sub-slab depressurization system to mitigate historical solvent contamination beneath an existing building. Other HRP environmental services are focused on improving current operations and programs, such as the installation of a web-based Environmental Management Information System to help your organization manage EH&S issues, regulatory deadlines, and training requirements in a more systematic and  efficient  manner. Still other services look entirely to the future, such as the development of a Process Safety Management Plan to address the risks of a new chemical process, or the design of a zero-net discharge storm water infiltration system to qualify your new commercial facility for LEED credits. Whatever the specific service we perform for you, our goal is to help you maintain and improve the value of your facility, business, or enterprise.

While the majority of HRP’s projects are technical in nature, our engineering consultants' advocacy for your interests may also extend our assistance  to include softer consulting services such as Transactional Support to  resolve  property transfer obstacles, the identification of funding sources for Brownfield Redevelopment or Renewable Energy projects, and spirited negotiation of  compliance agreements  with regulatory agencies.  As a service organization, our environmental consultants' mandate is to help you, the client, in any way that we can.

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