Client specific training is crucial in ensuring the comprehension and application of what can otherwise be complex material.  Using site specific examples and material allow trainees to understand the training in a more familiar setting.  Many of HRP’s trainers once worked in general industry and understand the balance between time, compliance, and training needs.  As such, HRP offers many tailorable and scalable on-site and site specific training programs such as:

  • Hands on training (such as teaching facility personnel how to take a storm water sample or how to complete a PPE assessment)
  • “One-Page” lessons to reinforce training topics
  • “Tool box” talks
  • Roundtable discussion style training
  • Recorded Trainings
  • Presentation style training
  • Company specific webinars
  • Self Paced, On-line training
  • Corporate hosted training

Contact us today and we will gladly discuss your training needs to tailor options just for you.